7 Main Risks of Investing in Bitcoin in 2024


Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency that was made by an unnamed group of people named Satoshi Nakamoto. It came into the market in 2009 after it was certified as open-source software. It is a form of digital currency that can be sent to various users without having any bank as intermediaries. Bitcoin is one of the most loved cryptocurrency software. It is estimated that around 5 billion people use Bitcoin to transfer their money.


The transaction process is multi-channeled. Multi channeled means that there are one or more input and output. The user has to define the address and the amount of bitcoin that is to be sent. The multiple output system helps the user to send cash to more than one user at a time. The transaction fees are reasonable. It is measured as satoshis per byte. The price is decided according to the inputs and outputs to which the user is sending the money.

Bitcoin provides wallets to their users to store their currency. A proper definition of the wallet can be the software that keeps the information regarding the coins and allows the user to access his/her coin. There are two categories for the wallet to operate.

  • Full Client- It is the safest form of cryptocurrency transfer. It is because there is no interference of external parties. The user can download a blockchain and can verify their transactions directly.
  • Light Client- It is considered to be a faster option than the Full client. It consults the Full client to receive and send cash to other users. This phenomenon makes them preferable and can work in low power, low bandwidth, and can be used in mobile phones.

Main Risks of Investing in Bitcoin


Digital cash is considered to be the future of the monetary system. Bitcoin has taken the digital currency transfer to a new level. It is the most successful form of money transfer today. The efficiency of cryptocurrency made it the most popular digital currency transfer system and overcame all hurdles. Though Bitcoin is the fastest and most accessible form of money transfer, there are certain risks factors that a user may consider before investing in transferring of Cryptocurrency.

1. Fresh Technology

Bitcoin is a very fresh concept and is in the market for less than ten years. It is still developing and still poses a risk to investors. Bitcoin developers still don’t know how to evolve. Due to this, it can become ineffective in the future.

2. Opportunity

Crytotransfer is the most effective way of cash transfer today. Numerous investors are investing their money in the form of coins. But, did you ever thought of its consistency? This form of currency transfer is likely to perish in the future. Moreover, due to the constant change in the market, you never know what could be the fate of your invested cash.

3. Loss

Bitcoin is a part of the Ponzi scheme and involves the people to have monetary benefits by ignoring the other users. This practice creates a bubbly environment. When the bubble bursts, all the invested money vanishes, and the bitcoin becomes ineffective. The vanished money has no other way of returning and is lost forever.

4. Reliability

Bitcoin is dependent on technology. You do not have any physical assets to rely on if the money is lost. Like other forms of investment like mutual funds, gold loans, mortgage, there is no physical asset that you can exchange for the money. Therefore, if the digital money exchange technology stops, there will be no cryptocurrency available in the market. Moreover, being a digital software, it is prone to cyberattacks, fraud, data stealing, data leakage, etc.


5. Lack of Security

Cryptocurrency is still not accepted in many countries. There is a continuous competition between digital money and physical money. Moreover, there is no tax introduced to cryptocurrency. Therefore, digital money transfer is very much exposed to all kinds of online threats due to the government bodies’ less interference. And till date, digital money firms are working without any proper rule and regulation.

6. Cyber attacks and Data Stealing

In a digital network, a cyber attack refers to the attempt of stealing, destroying, altering, or having unauthorized access to other user’s assets. Cyber attacks deal with the illegal transfer of personal information, computer network systems, infrastructure, etc. Cyber attacks are mainly made by hacking and can range from installing malicious spyware in your computer to destroying the whole computer network of a country.

On the other hand, data-stealing is a process in which the hacker steals all your money by the use of digital money transfer. Cryptocurrency is solely dependent upon digital technology. This mode makes it prone to hacking. The money that a hacker steals can never be retrieved. Therefore, you should be careful while investing in cryptocurrency.


7. Market Fluctuation

The digital market is continually fluctuating. Due to the constant fluctuation of the market, you can never be assured that whether you will get a profitable return on your investment or not. Non-profitable investment can result in a massive loss. Therefore, you must continuously look out for the market to check the ups and downs of it. This practice will help you find out the perfect value of return for your investment.

Bottom Line

Bitcoin is considered one of the fastest forms of currency transfer. It has various levels of security that ensures that your money is safe and is transferred to the particular user. Bitcoin has a specific language that defines the money transfer and also looks out the various parameters. Various negative comments are there regarding Bitcoin like carbon footprinting, Speculative bubbling, Security issues, illegal activities, etc. There are certain regulatory warnings made by the authorities to save users from frauds, hacking, data leakage, stealing of money, etc. The user must keep in mind all the regulatory points that are provided by Bitcoin before indulging in any transaction.

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