Rock And A Hard Place – A New HBO Documentary Starring Dwayne Johnson


HBO has a new documentary in the pipeline for us. To a great surprise for all fans of his, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will be the star of the movie. Not only is he going to be the leading role in the film, but he is going to produce it, as well. The upcoming documentary is entitled “Rock and a Hard Place, ” and it will premiere exclusively on March 27th, 2017 on HBO.

The film is inspired by Jonhson’s own experiences with the law while he was young. You can get a preview into the documentary in a short video below.

Namely, “Rock and a Hard Place” provides its viewers with an enlightening and unprecedented look into a youth-prison boot camp. The story of the documentary will revolve around the lives of the versatile group of incarcerated young people in Florida and to each of them, a second chance is given. They have an opportunity to trade a long prison sentence for a brand new start by completing the famous Miami-Dade County Corrections&Rehabilitation Department Boot Camp Program.

There is no other show of this kind, so this one is likely to attract a large number of viewers and be quite a success. The unique 16-week program looks a lot like military training and consists of a number of challenging phases, while it reports the rate of recidivism to be less than 15% and the national rate of prison recidivism is nearly 70%. It is almost enough for a movie to be a success if Dwayne Johnson appears in it, let alone the original story it provides us with. The film will depict a harsh process in which sergeants give their best to teach inmates to learn from their previous mistakes and to become better persons than they used to be, which is the only way for them not to get incarcerated again.