The Rock – A new hint from the Jumanji

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It is well-known that Jumanji is being filmed at the moment, with the production’s goal to have it all done by Christmas 2017. Seeing where they are now, their chances of hitting the targeted release date are fairly good.

Namely, this is a sequel to the original from 1995 of the same name. The leading role was played by Robin Williams, and the movie was well-received by the audience. In the center of the story was a young boy who was nowhere to be found after he had got lost somewhere in the tropical forests of the magical board game. Years after that, the game was opened up, and the boy was an adult man. By children’s opening the game, a lot of dangers entered the real world and Williams’ character led two kids through the ruination of the world.

The cast we will be watching in the sequel of this movie includes Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Jack Black, Karen Gillan and Kevin Hart. This story follows a group of teenagers who woke up as grown-ups after being placed in detention. They got drawn into this game and remained stuck in there. As we are already used to, Dwayne Johnson has been posting photos and videos from the set of Jumanji. This grew into a habit to him and Kevin Hart from their previous acting together in the comedy ‘Central Intelligence’. His latest post from the movie was on his Instagram profile, showing his character holding flame thrower.

The Rock is apparently having a whale of a time using the weapons in Jumanji, which appears to be more of an action than the original one. These weapons weren’t part of the film in which Williams starred. Nick Jonas also appears in the movie, and it is being directed by Jake Kasdan. The writers of Jumanji are Jeff Pinkner, Erik Sommers, Chris McKenna and Scott Rosenberg.

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