The Rock reacted to him being compared to an actual rock!

What exactly is the deal here? Well apparently a fifth grader had a science project, and he did it by comparing Dwayne The Rock Johnson to an actual rock. That was very amusing to the kid’s teacher, and he shared the science project. Of course, it came to our bellowed WWE and movie superstar who was, of course, genuinely amused by the little fan’s antics and said that this kid is probably way smarter than he was at his age.

It goes without saying that this is not surprising us at all. And when we say this we mean The Rock’s reaction to this whole deal. Why? Well, although Dwayne is a huge WWE and movie superstar, with God knows how much box office hits and successes (the latest being the eight installment in the F&F movie franchise), he really has a soft spot underneath that rock hard exterior. More to this is the fact that Dwayne is a father himself and he shows just how good he is every time he can by posting his shenanigans with his little daughter on the social media.

But how exactly did this come to his attention? Well, Reddit user u/Marley_S and fifth-grade teacher shared one of her student’s science project which was a comparison between a picture of The Rock from WWE with a picture of an actual rock. They posted a picture of the science project in question with a title “One of the fifth-graders I work with made this in his science class. It wasn’t even for a grade.”

As you can see there actually is a reason that this project found its way online because it is very amusing and witty. More importantly is that The Rock took this very well (and why wouldn’t he?) and even went as far as calling the kid a “future science leader.” Dwayne also posted on Twitter “Brilliant 5th grader. Way smarter than I was, as my only mission back then was flirting w/ girls with my buck teeth.”

It is always, without any doubt, very nice to see such a superstar break his daily routine to acknowledge something that one of its fans did or said, no matter how big or small the fan is. Dwayne is a constant reminder that there is still some good people out there and that fame doesn’t necessary has to make you untouchable by everybody “beneath” you. Way to go Dwayne!

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