The Rock’s praise to an comic book legend Stan Lee!


With all pretty much bad things happening these days it is always nice to see something that shows us that there is still good people out there. One of those days is today and who else is best to wake up the good in all of us that everyone’s favorite actor Dwayne Johnson. This upcoming star of DCEU’s Black Adam decided to share a heartwarming image that shows him on a meeting with comic book legend Stan Lee during the recent Los Angeles Comic-Con.

The image clearly shows these two expressing gratitude and respect to each other, but that is not all. Dwayne took time to make a pretty neat caption to the image that says “This man. This legend. When I first broke into Hollywood 17yrs ago, Stan Lee (iconic co creator of Spider Man, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Dr Strange etc) welcomed me with open arms. Always offering sage advice to help build my career. Be imaginative, set no limits.. have fun, he said. Years had gone by, but at Stan’s #LAComicCon I had the opportunity to hug him again and say thank you. I was also truly moved yesterday by his words regarding the career I’ve been fortunate enough to build. Much more to accomplish. Cheers my friend to imagination, no limits and fun. Next time tequila’s on me! Your Black Adam

The caption describes the period roughly 17 years before when he met Stan Lee for the first time and when he surprisingly got welcomed with as he says “open arms.” He praised Stan’s persistence in offering good advice on his career course, and he picked the best of them – “Be imaginative, set no limits…have fun.” With all these years behind him, one would be stupid not to take advantage from a man like Stan Lee, and Dwayne surely isn’t that kind of guy. Just look at his past and present. Dwayne also used a fun way to thank him for all that Stan has done for him, and his everlasting inspiration, with words “Cheers my friend to imagination, no limits and fun. Next time tequila’s on me! Your Black Adam”

Just a little update since we are on the topic of comics – it seems that all of us will have to wait some more to see Dwayne in a superhero costume, plus when it comes out, it will not be a Marvel Studios film. As far as we managed to find out Black Adam currently doesn’t have a release date set, but Shazam! is due in theaters in April 2019.