Rodger Goodell Will Sue Jerry Jones for Millions of Dollars

The feud that started between Jerry Jones and Rodger Goodell won’t end any day soon. The NFL commissioner plans to sue Dallas Cowboys owner for millions because of his actions last year that were described as ‘detrimental’ to the league. The main reason is, of course, Jones’s opposition to the contract extension that Goodell received in December and challenging of six-game suspension bestowed on Ezekiel Elliott.

Jerry Jones needs to pay legal fees that accumulated while the compensation committee was defending Roger Goodell’s contract and all of the expenses that were created during Elliott’s trial. NFL commissioner is not in this alone, as he received the support of other franchise owners. The full extent of punishment will be known in the upcoming months.

According to sources from ESPN, the league will demand a sum close to $2 million. The NFL owners are standing behind a rule that if an owner starts litigation against other owners and losses he needs to compensate them for legal fees.

Nov 9, 2014; London, UNITED KINGDOM; NFL commissioner Roger Goodell (left) and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones before the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars in the NFL International Series game at Wembley Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Both NFL and Dallas franchise declined to comment on the subject.

Entire charade started when Ezekiel Elliott was accused of domestic violence. He was never arrested, and charges were dropped. But, nonetheless, the league conducted a year-long investigation of their own and concluded that Elliott’s actions merit punishment in the form of six-game suspension.

According to Cowboys owner, Goodell reassured him that there would be no action taken against their star running back. So, when the league and its commissioner announced the suspension of August 14th, there was no trust left between Jones and Goodell.

Jerry Jones gave his full support to Ezekiel Elliot during both the extended trial period and a six-game suspension. At the same time, he started to fight against Roger Goodell’s extension with the NFL as a non-voting member of the compensation committee. The issues that Jones stated as troubling regarding the commissioner were: The amount of money that Goodell will earn with his future contract; too much power that was given to commissioner; and Rodger Goodell’s handling of the anthem protests. Also, he wanted for NFL to stop investigating players on their own.


The issue escalated after Jones was excluded from the committee after hiring a lawyer and threatening other owners that he will take them to court over Goodell’s extension. After being assured that his stance is being heard he decided to back down.

But, Jerry Jones didn’t get what he wanted as Goodell signed an extension in December which could bring him around $200 million during the five year period. After the signing Cowboys owner and Goodell hugged at a press conference where leagues commissioner stated: “Do I look like I take it personally? Jerry, do I look like I take it personally? No is the answer to that question. As I have said before, I think people disagree. People who have the ability to do that within the context of our structure is something that makes us stronger. My relationship with Jerry has been great. We don’t always agree. I’m not paid to agree, and he’s not paid to agree with me.”

Jones responded with: “I hope Roger earns every dime. That means he’s doing a great job, and we’re doing good.”

But, if NFL and Goodell press charges against Jones, it’s not sure that they will exchange pleasantries in the future.