Roger Staubach: Dallas Cowboys Will Win Super Bowl Next Year!


Roger Staubach held a speech to close off a local business leaders gathering in Dallas, and he made a bold statement. Staubach who is a Hall of Famer, Cowboys legend and fan favorite believes that Dallas franchise is going to fly high next season.

Staubach stated: “I want to make a statement right now, the Dallas Cowboys are going to win the Super Bowl next year.”

As good as this statement sounds in Cowboys fans ears, it has been over two decades since they enjoyed a Super Bowls success. America’s Team postseason success was missing all these years as the franchise failed to reach even an NFC Championship Game. The last time they played in this match was when they went to the end and won a Lombardi Trophy in 1995.


Legendary quarterback both of the NFL and Dallas franchise Staubach knows what’s he’s talking about because he had immense success with Cowboys team in the past. He led America’s Team to six NFC Championship Games, and four Super Bowls. He has won two of them during his playing career that lasted from 1969-1979.

Roger Staubach was attending this meeting in a company of Cowboys legend Emmitt Smith and Cowboys executive vice president and chief brand officer Charlotte Jones Anderson. All three of them were asked about who they think is going to win the Super Bowl. Like you could guess all three failed to mention Eagles.

Staubach said that he would love to see Vikings and Patriots meet in Super Bowl. Interestingly he was the one that ended Vikings Super Bowl hopes in 1975 with original Hail Marry. Reporters compared Vikings win vs. New Orleans Saints with Staubach’s Hail Marry and asked what he thinks about “Seven Heaven” and “Minnesota Miracle.”

Staubach said: “Whatever it is, it’s not even close to the Hail Mary.”

But, Roger Staubach is also close to Patriots as he attended Naval Academy where Bill Belichick’s father worked as a head coach. When Bill was a boy, he and Roger played catch.

Emmitt Smith said that he wants to see Jaguars vs. Vikings game. These teams have strong defenses and a dominant running game. The later one probably sits with former legendary running back.

Jones Anderson voted for Vikings vs. Jaguars finale. She also talked about ex-Cowboys assistant coach Mike Zimmer: “Mike Zimmer is a very close friend of our family, and we love and admire him and appreciate all the work he has done up there. Always going to go NFC all the way.”

Who do you want to see in this year’s Super Bowl, and do you believe that Cowboys have a chance next year?!