Rollins Pinning Samoa Joe Clean Another Logic Hole For WWE

When you have two great workers like Samoa Joe and Seth Rollins in the ring, you know that you are going to get a good match. It was a good performance by both of these, and the fight was very well booked right from the get-go. Samoa Joe dominated Seth Rollins from bell to bell, and that is the way that it was supposed to be. But, the finish was bad.

There is no way that Samoa Joe, the Samoan Destroyer, should be losing clean on a small pay per view to Seth Rollins. He should have been booked like Braun Strowman, like a dominant monster and a force to be reckoned with. He was portrayed like that on Monday Night Raw, but they need to make him win here. Or, more importantly, not to lose here by some kind of a fluke pinfall. There is no way that this was a good and logical move for the WWE.


Now, Storwman did lose to the Roman Empire at the Fastline PPV but was later made to look like a monster that seeks revenge. Samoa Joe might be booked like that from now on. It still doesn’t justify the fact that he got pinned by some kind of a roll up, clean as a whistle. One, two, three. It was done.

Now, we said that the company put itself in a corner with this match as none of these two guys shouldn’t be pinned. Still, there are a lot of ways in the world of WWE for the writers to escape this kind of situation. It seems that the creative team couldn’t think of anything better, or maybe Vince himself wanted Rollins to go over in this match. We don’t know what happened backstage, but we do know that this is one of the latest stupid things that this company did.