Rollins Retains The IC Title In A Great Match

We all know that this Greatest Royal Rumble event is all about WWE going to Saudi Arabia and getting all that huge amount of money. According to the reports, the company is going to make 200M dollars for organizing this event. That is why they are doing this show, and that is why nobody really expected that these matches are going to be noteworthy.

The first couple of battles on this show were pretty boring to fans that usually follow this product. Fans from Saudi Arabia are not “smarter” wrestling fans. They are going to react only to big stars from the past, and to the biggest stars of today. Fans over there don’t really care about what, for example, the Cruiserweights are going to do, or The Usos, etc. You get the point.

When the crowd is not interested, the shows and the battles in the ring always suffer. But, during the first part of the show, one match stood out, and that was the battle for the IC title. Even though we knew that a star from SD Live was not going to take the belt over to Tuesday night and the winner was going to be decided between Rollins and Balor, we have seen a great clash where everybody looked good.

The Miz had some good moves, Joe was dominant as he always is. The thing that was great here is the way WWE decided to end the battle. They didn’t have one guy take the other out and then slowly climb the ladder and grab the title for the win.

Instead of that, they had Rollins go up the ladder and actually race Balor for the championship, which is a refreshing booking decision.

At the end of the day, the right man won this ladder title match.