Rolls-Royce Dawn Special Edition – Fashion inspired!

As everybody alive already knows, Rolls-Royce is the one car maker that can truly make unique vehicles. They have done it this time as well with the Dawn Special Edition which is inspired by and combines the very best from the fashion industry, fine textiles, and luxury accessories.

The result Rolls has achieved and allowed us all to see it, is astonishing. On the pictures, you can see an interior worthy of a king with unusual textures and premium silks in the door pockets that are decorated with an abstract representation of the Spirit of Ecstasy. There are a lot of subtle details that continue the theme of the car trough an Arctic White and Black interior color scheme with the top of the line leather stitching, piping and embroidery, which by the way match the color of the roof. They have even gone trough trouble of setting each emblem to a 55-degree angle so they can accompany the lines of the door.

The exterior of the car is a story for itself. On the outside they combined a neutral Andalucian White paint and since this is a convertible you get to choose between three bright folding roof colors – Mugello Red, Cobalt Blue, and Mandarin.

The dashboard is stellar looking with its Piano White finish and aluminum particles that are supposed to give the effect of silk-like appearance according to Rolls-Royce. They also said that the lacquering process of the dashboard alone takes an astonishing nine days. What fits like a glove there is the custom-made watch that is placed in the center of the dash with a style that is supposed to imitate metallic fabrics. My God it looks more than awesome, and that is all thanks to Rolls-Royce’s lead design director, Mr. Giles Taylor and of course the rest of team – Cherica Haye, a textile specialist from the Royal College of Art, and leather expert Michelle Lusby, who previously worked at Mulberry. Great team, even greater effort but the end product is truly top of the line even for Rolls-Royce standards.

Rolls-Royce Dawn Special Edition – Inspired by fashion will be available for sale starting this November. We are not courage enough to ask about the price as we expect it to be premium. But, for one of the best interiors packed in a gorgeous body, the price must be premium.