Roman Reigns Leads Raw To Attack Smackdown!

Smackdown Live didn’t want to wait until Monday Night Raw prepared for the attack on their show. They were the one to strike first as soon as the Tables, Ladders and Chairs pay per view ended. Shane McMahon put the red brand under Siege right away as he ordered his superstars to take everything and everybody out in the locker room.

On the go-home edition of Smackdown Live for the Survivor Series show Raw returned the favor as they showed up in the crowd and were ready to deal with everything that the blue brand throws at them.

Three guys that led the charge were the three members of The Shield, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins. The trio had some unfinished business with the New Day, and they wanted them to see the preview of what they want to achieve at the Survivor Series.

Kurt Angle was also there, and he was as serious as ever, ready to strike and prepared for revenge on Shane McMahon. While the other superstars easily handled an outnumbered squad of Smackdown Live, Angle unleashed Braun Strowman on Smackdown, which is something that the blue brand didn’t want to see.

The Shield members then were occupied by Shane McMahon. Triple Powerbomb is their signature move, and they used it on the commish of the Smackdown Live. After that, Angle also wanted for Shane to taste something that is awaiting him at the Survivor Series, which his the Angle Slam. Soon, another Triple Powerbomb followed just to put an exclamation point on the statement that Raw wanted to send and on this SS build that has been much better than most fans probably expected.