Roman Reigns Missing Next Week’s Monday Night Raw?


It is pretty unusual that one of the top stars just flat out misses a show. Especially when we are talking about Roman Reigns, a guy that WWE wants to push each and every week. During every single Monday Night Raw, the company wants to make him look good. Now, there is a hint that is telling us that this guy might be missing next week’s edition of the flagship show.


Raw will be live at Dunkin Donuts Arena next week in Providence. Just like for every event, there is a poster that is advertising the show, and that is there to help the WWE sell the tickets. The main attraction and the focal point of the show is going to be Brock Lesnar who will make his last appearance of the year on that occasion as well as his first appearance since beating AJ Styles during the Survivor Series.

The battle for the tag team titles is also going to take place as Seth and Dean will try again to take the belts away from The Bar. Two-thirds of the Shield are going to be in action and are advertised for the show, but the final third is not.

Among the stars that are on the poster for the show next Monday, there is no indication of Roman Reigns is going to be present. This might be the sign of him missing the event as there is no reason for him not to be on the poster. Yes, he is a polarizing star, but there is no doubt that he is still a big draw. We’ll just have to wait and see what the situation is with Roman. There may be more info on this in the coming days.