Roman Reigns Named As A User Of Illegal Performance Enhancing Substances

Anyone that ever hit the gym knows how hard it is to get that god-like physique, looking at WWE today, that is something you need to have if you want to be successful in the business. One of the ways to significantly reduce the amount of effort and time that you need to get the body of a top athlete is to use performance-enhancing substances which are in most cases illegal.

On top of being illegal, many of these supplements could jeopardize your health and cause irreparable damage. When it comes to WWE, we can see many wrestlers having perfect bodies, all muscle and similar, but is all that gained with hard work and completely natural or some of those people used some substances that might not be approved for use.


Richard Rodriguez was an owner of a Miami gym that was raided by US federal agents, and later on, he was sentenced as a dealer. In one of his recent interviews that was done by Johny Bravo, documentary filmmaker, Rodriguez talked about some of his clients and one quite big name popped up. He suggested that one of the users was Roman Reigns, but have in mind that this claim comes from a convicted dealer.

Just like in every sport, WWE has strict control when it comes to usage of illegal supplements as scandal like this could potentially ruin the brand and the company. At this moment no evidence has been provided as a support to the claim of this man, and during his career, Roman Reigns has never been accused of anything similar to this.


Looking at the roster of WWE and knowing the situation it is clear that Reigns is one of their top guys. In the last three WrestleManias, he was the main star, and we expect to see him as one of the most important wrestlers at the biggest event of the year that will be held in New Orleans.

We also need to add that in June 2016 this guy was suspended as he violated wellness policy of the company. As a result, he was removed from the top of the card, but all this ended soon after that. We could also see Reigns delivering an apology to his fans over Twitter.