Roman Reigns Shows Huge Respect To Chris Jericho

On a recent edition of Talk is Jericho, Roman Reigns spent over two hours talking to Y2J on his podcast and answering a lot of questions that Jericho asked him. If you have the time to go through this episode, you definitely should as it is a very well done episode of the Talk is Jericho.

In this interview, Roman Reigns, among other things, talked about the host himself and what he has been able to do for this company. He also spoke on what makes Jericho different from the other people that are doing part-time work with the WWE. There is no doubt that Chris is respected in the locker room and Roman Reigns just confirmed the level of respect that his peers have for Y2J.

“Yeah, I mean, my whole time here, you’ve kind of done the part-time thing, but I’ve said this many times: all my respect for you is that you’re not like a part-timer. When you come back, you’re here. You do the house shows, you do the tours, all the brother time.”

The fact of the matter is that Roman is telling the truth. Jericho has been with the company for over a year without taking any breaks. Even though he has entered the status of a legend, he doesn’t act that way and shows up on every single house show, on every single Monday Night. There are no off days for Jericho, even though this guy deserves to have those. He is a future Hall of Famer and Reigns just confirmed just how great of a worker Y2J really is.