Is Roman Reigns vs. The Rock A Good Idea?

The Rock is one of the biggest stars that Hollywood has to offer. Wherever you look, you see Dwayne Johnson doing something, filming a bunch of movies and working on multiple projects. The man is a star, and his meteoric rise is not that hard to explain. He just has that something, that “it” factor that makes people enjoy his work.

That same thing made him one of the biggest stars in the WWE. He is still as popular as he once was, even though he is a part-timer at best. Nowadays, he doesn’t really appear much on the WWE TV, which even makes it more special when he returns to the company. He is pretty busy in the next 365 days as he is filming multiple movies, but he is eventually probably going to do at least one more match with the WWE.

We all know about his Samoan heritage, just like Roman Reigns. The Rock tried to put him over during the 2015 Royal Rumble, but that really didn’t go well. When and if the Rock returns, there aren’t many opponents waiting for him. Brock Lesnar might be the one, but the fans of the attitude era already saw that feud. Maybe Roman Reigns can be the guy for him.

A match between Roman and The Rock would be a good idea if Reigns is a heel in that fight. But, WWE is trying their best on keeping Roman as The Big Dog, a hero babyface. Heel Roman vs. The Rock is a great idea. Face Roman? Well, it is a worse option than the first one while also being the likely option if this match ever happens.