Roman Reigns vs. The Undertaker – Wrestlemania 33 Picks And Predictions


One of the marquee matches during the Ultimate Thrillride that is Wrestlemania 33 will be a showdown between the dead man The Undertaker and the big dog Roman Reigns. This match had a solid build, but it could have been much better if we knew what these two guys are fighting for and why are they feuding at all.

What everybody wants to see in this duel is The Undertaker winning. The more important thing here is for Roman Reigns to turn heel. Those are the two things that the fans are looking for. If Roman turns heel, a lot of fans wouldn’t actually mind him beating The Undertaker at the grandest stage of them all. Will that happen?

Reigns did cut a heelish promo during Monday Night Raw, but we think that WWE wants just to gets fans interested in this match. They are teasing that heel turn, but we believe that the shift won’t happen. The company has been hell bent on making Roman Reigns the next top Superman-like babyface. Their experiment hasn’t been successful, but it seems that this is what Vince wants and that he is not going to let it go.


Will he be that babyface that gets cheered in every arena? Maybe, but he needs to be a bad guy for a while in order for that to happen. The Rock did it that way, Cena became popular that way, just like Shawn Michaels and everybody else. WWE needs to follow that pattern with Roman as well.

We are going to say that they are not going to do it. Our pick is Roman Reigns winning this match clean, as a babyface, with no heel turn and with The Undertaker giving him respect after the fight. Braun Strowman might show up, but it is unlikely. Our pick: Roman Reigns – remains a face, wins clean.