Roman Reigns Wants to Fight Against Dwayne The Rock Johnson


One of the biggest stars and best wrestlers in the WWE is Roman Reigns. He was the main topic of the several previous WrestleManias, and unless he decides to retire tomorrow, he will be in the headlines of many more events to come. However, even though he has become an amazing performer, the crowd still boos him, but company management pushes him to become the next great thing.

Roman Reigns is supposed to headline the next WrestleMania against Brock Lesnar, the Universal Champion in Raw. He was asked about his future fight with The Rock and Reigns said that he would love to fight him at next year’s big event.

During a conference call with the UK, Reigns told The Mirror: “Yeah I mean, when I first heard about the match with Cena, I immediately was thinking ‘man, let’s save this, let’s do this at WrestleMania’. But when the time is right, the time is right. But in the same light, I can only see me and Rock going at WrestleMania. Not only because of his schedule, but just the level of that match and the level of superstar that he is and you know, where I’m trying to get.”


“But we also have a deep family tie. We represent the same family tree and having the opportunity to represent our culture, there would obviously have to be a sit down and we would have to express how we feel and the light we want to do this in … because there’s a lot of people we represent watching. The last thing I want to do is make it confusing or anything like that.”

“But at the end of the day, I know it’s a money match. And I’m the guy who is still in the ring, so if someone who isn’t in the ring every single night wants to come back in the ring, we now call it my yard, so he is going to have to come to me and then we’ll go from there. It won’t go down anywhere other than a WWE ring, that’s all I’m saying. If he wants to get it, then I’m not stepping back for anybody,” explained Reigns.


The match between the Reigns and The Rock would be a money match; there is no doubt about it. But is there a possibility for The Rock to even return to the ring? We all know that he is a busy man and is he willing to revisit his past when he dominated the wrestling ring? The fight between Dwayne Johnson and Roman Reigns would be amazing, but the next best thing and what is more likely to happen is that we will watch Reigns going against Brock Lesnar.

If it is up to Dwayne Johnson, he would have accepted the challenge. He fought against John Cena at WrestleMania 29 four years ago, and he returned once again at WrestleMania 32 last year. However, going against Cena was difficult for The Rock since he tore his abdominal and adductor tendons, so surgery was unavoidable. Johnson is 45 now, plus the Hollywood production companies don’t allow him to wrestle since he has more than just a few films to make.


We are not going to miss too much because The Rock and Reigns have already met once in early 2013 Raw match when Roman and The Sheild defeated Johnson. The Rock was ambushed, and he fought, but couldn’t beat three of them.

In 2015, The Rock appeared at Royle Rumble only to raise Reigns’ hand, but that is probably the last time to see the two of them in the ring. It would be fun to watch Reigns fighting The Rock, but Dwayne Johnson has moved on from WWE and has new life.