Ronaldo and Bale coming back to Real Madrid lineup

If you are a fan or just following events concerning Real Madrid, then you must know that they have had a “shortage” if you like. Both Bale and C. Ronaldo missed the 2-0 win against Espanyol because of the flue (C. Ronaldo) and a kick to the hip (Bale) suffered in Champions League game against Sporting Lisbon.

Fans don’t worry they are back to full training, and the Real Madrid’s lineup is at its strongest once again for the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu showdown against Villarreal on Wednesday night, who are also unbeaten. Coach Zidane ensured everybody that both of these players have completed the training with flying colors and that they are at their full potential for the game ahead. “They are both good,” he stated, “They trained normally and were fine, 100 percent. Both of them”.

Zidane is sure that the slight setback won’t influence Cristiano’s win of the Ballon d’Or, against Diego Simeone. Simeone was a top player said Zidane, but Ronaldo is the one to win the prize again for his “exceptional year” in 2016. “He has had an exceptional year and has been a long time at this level.” stated by Zidane.
Real Madrid has a few other “problems” regarding midfielder Casemiro, who limped off the previous game against Espanyol, and a knock that Pepe received but he could be easily be subbed by Nacho. “Pepe has an issue from the game against Espanyol and the situation remains the same,”. “He will rest as we have a game on Saturday and our idea is that our four center-backs play games. Nacho can also play at full-back, we could use him tomorrow.” as said by Zidane.

If Zidane earns another win against Villarreal, and we do not see why he wouldn’t, it would mean that Real Madrid will obtain its 17th consecutive win in La Liga and crush Guardiola’s record with Barcelona in 2010-2011.

“That’s our aim for tomorrow, for all the team: to play well, and keep a clean sheet.” Zidane’s clear heading for tomorrow shows his commitment and enthusiasm.