Ronda Rousey A Good Option For WWE?

WWE is all about becoming the biggest star and getting the most attention on themselves that they can get. Even though wrestling is not as cool and popular as it was during the Attitude Era and in the early 2000s, the company is still trying to get into the mainstream waters. They are still on the map, very well known among the casual fans while the hardcore fans are still there. But, the sad thing is that WWE really doesn’t care about them right now.

Whatever they do, the company knows that those fans are always going to be there, paying for the network and investing into the WWE. It is just something that they want to do as the love for the wrestling is just too great. On the other hand, those casual fans are easy to come by but are just as easily going to go away if the show doesn’t keep their interest.

Attracting people with someone like Ronda Rousey is something that they are after. Rousey has been at the top of the mountain in the UFC. Yes, she has fallen off the cliff over the past year and a half but is still a monster draw for everybody. That is what the company is after.

She used to end matches in the first round with ease. That is something that can make her legit in the WWE. The writers really don’t need to build her up much as people know that she is one of the badest and the strongest women in the world. If she gets good wrestling training, former Olympian and UFC Champion could be a great addition to the Women’s division on either blue or red brand. She is just too good of an option for WWE to pass on her. Ronda is big ratings, and that is just what they are looking for.