The Royals Season 4 Premiere Date

In February this year the third season of the popular E! series The Royals ended, and ever since then fans have been wondering when the next batch of episodes will be released. Needless to say, Season 3 ended with a major cliffhanger, which makes it even more difficult for the fans to see what next is going to happen and whether or not their guesses will be proven right.

The showrunners first kept the audience on the end of their seats for quite awhile not saying whether there will be a new season at all. They confirmed the series renewal only when Season 3 was about to end. Adam Stotsky, the E! president, broke the great news just a couple of days before the third season finale when he said: “The third season of The Royals has proven to be an entertaining mix of secrets, deceit, and desire that our fans can’t get enough of … We are excited to see what new scandals await our royal family, and how their dynamic evolves in season four.”

However, when it comes to the exact Season 4 release date, it’s still kept under wraps. Neither Stotsky nor any other member of The Royals team has revealed this information so far. But, here’s what our guesses are, based on the release pattern of the previous season. The third season was renewed halfway through the second one, but the exact release date (which was December 4) was not announced until August. As already mentioned, the news on the sequel renewal was revealed later this time (at the very end of Season 3), so it’s highly likely that we’ll have to wait a little bit more for the release date to be announced, as well.

The Royals Season 4 Release Date

It should also be noted that the series normally premieres during winter, so we believe that The Royals Season 4 might start airing in December this year, or in January 2018. Once again, these are only speculations for now, but we’ll let you know as soon as we find out more, so stay tuned.