Russell Wilson Vs. Cam Newton – Week 13 Predictions

This is an elite matchup in Week 13. There can be a debate about which duel is bigger, is it this one or the one between Big Ben and Eli Manning. Cam Newton and Russell Wilson are the two of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. Both of them have a similar skill set, with Wilson being a bit quicker, while Cam is the stronger one.

Russell Wilson has had some troubles with injuries this year but hasn’t missed a game. That why his stats are not jumping out of the sheet. He is getting healthier, and Seattle is finding their groove. Yes, they did slip up against the Bucs last week, but that was an aberration. He will show up this Sunday against Carolina Panthers posting some really good figures.

Cam Newton has had a decent season although nowhere near as good as the last one. Reigning MVP is not the main reason why the Carolina Panthers failed to meet the expectations. Their defense has let him down big-time on many occasions. Josh Norman is gone. Yes, he is not a true difference maker, but he is someone that they trusted to get the job done. On most nights, he did. Now, they have some rookies playing at the cornerback position, and they are getting burned.

Russell Willson will know how to exploit that. Both quarterbacks will have great games and Cam Newton will probably be the one that finishes with better numbers, but Russell Wilson will end up on the winning side. Seattle should win this game on their home turf, with the final score being 27:20.