Russian Mafia Buried the Businessman Alive – He Calls His Brother From The Grave

A Russian businessman who was buried alive by his “business associates” in the cemetery near Moscow was saved after he managed to call his brother from the grave and asked him to pay his debt.

Khikmet Salaev, a 41-year old Russian businessman was kidnapped after the conflict concerning the 30-million-ruble debt (around €470,000), and he was taken to the end of the cemetery near Moscow where he was literally buried alive face down, but for some reason they let him keep his phone.

Covered in the soil, Khikmet managed to call his younger brother Ismail, according to Moskovskij Komsomolets. In order to save his brother, Ismail had to give the kidnappers 1.2 million rubles (€18,700) and give them his BMW535. Only after this transaction was completed, the gangsters considered that the debt was paid off and they told Ismail where he could find his brother Khikmet.

Khikmet has been buried for four hours when Ismail came to the graveyard and saved his brother. He was worried about his health, so he immediately transported him to the hospital, where the doctors said that they had broken him several ribs as he was dragged across the cemetery.

The Russian media has been warning the public about the return to the gangsterism of the 1990s which were tumultuous years right after the collapse of the Soviet Union. This only shows the cruelty of people and how little it takes for some to cross the boundaries.