Ryan Reynolds’ Second Baby is a Girl, He and Conan Kiss

Ryan Reynolds’ wife Blake Lively gave birth to their second baby and it is a girl. Besides, he was a guest on Conan O’Brian’s show and he revealed to the fans that the two kissed in a short clip.

The actor who portrayed Deadpool was on “Conan” and he told the host of the show that he’s got “a lot of estrogen”, as the USA Today stated. This probably meant that his second child is a girl, which he proved with a post on Twitter.

As it appears, Blake Lively wasn’t too pleased when Reynolds revealed the baby’s gender, but luckily, he knew how to deal with this problem. Apparently, Reynolds prepared cookies for his wife as we can see in the photo she posted online.

Furthermore, Reynolds unveiled the trailer for the “Notebook 2” at Conan’s. However, the stars of the new film are Reynolds himself and he comes instead Ryan Gosling, whereas Conan is a substitution for Rachel McAdams.


They appeared in the famous kissing scene in the rain and it is really ridiculous. They kissed indeed, but before that iconic moment, they said the memorable lines from the movie. Take a look at the clip here: