Ryback Talks About Whether Or Not John Cena Should Retire

Source: www.wrestlezone.com

Since leaving the WWE last year, Ryback has been pretty vocal about his time with the company. He has been outspoken on his podcast as he still has a lot of followers and a lot of his fans that are going to hear what he has to say. Right or wrong, as a former WWE star, he is always going to be someone that the media is interested in talking to since he knows how the company operates.

One of the people that he had worked with is John Cena. He was in the main event picture with him, and he has had a chance to see how WWE books him and does things with him. Right now, John Cena is in a bit different position than he used to be back when Ryback was main event-caliber talent as he is now basically a part-timer, working a much lighter schedule.

Source: sportskeeda.com

Some people really love this John Cena and the role that he is in. Putting over new talent while also being very entertaining on the mic while working this adjusted schedule is something that fits him really well. Cena’s role is now the one that people accept. You can for sure add Ryback to the list of the people that think like that.

“John obviously knows what he’s doing, he’s a big boy. He’s been fortunate to have a lot of opportunities outside of wrestling where he can not take on that full schedule. He did it for a long, long time, so I think it’s great he’s doing other things outside of wrestling. I think as everyone can see, when you allow other talents the opportunity to succeed, they will always step up time and time again.”