Ryback’s Worst Match Was With Jinder Mahal?

A lot of wrestlers in the business today have their own podcast on different platforms where they can express their opinions about the scene itself, their thoughts and their experiences in the world of professional wrestling. One of the stars that have a good podcast is former WWE Superstar Ryback. The name of it is “Conversation With The Big Guy” where he is always talking about the things that are going on in WWE and his experiences with the company.

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It is not surprising that he hasn’t had many positive words about the place that he used to work in as he didn’t leave the company on good terms. Things were promised to him, and those promises have been broken multiple times, at least according to the Big Guy. There is no doubt that he had the potential, but Vince never really gave him the WWE Championship to make him look like a legit monster heel.

On the recent episode of his podcast he talked about making money on the indy scene, his new business with the bodybuilding supplements and some of his worst matches in the WWE and his career. He actually said that his worst duel ever was with the current WWE champion Jinder Mahal.

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“The worst match of my entire career was with Jinder Mahal. Remember? I don’t know if (podcast cohost Pat Buck was) there. We ended up doing a match on the fly. And it was probably my worst match ever. Just nothing went right and Jinder was super-new to developmental at that time. And it was really funny actually, but it was after NXT and we all were down there. None of us…The Nexus thing hadn’t happened yet.”