Salesforce CEO says Microsoft is planning Anti competitive actions with LinkedIn data

Microsoft’s rival, Salesforce says that Microsoft wants to do some anti-competitive behavior since it purchased the social media network, LinkedIn.

The CEO for Salesforce, Marc Benioff, said that some of the Microsoft executives were planning on doing some anti-competitive actions since the company purchased LinkedIn. The Salesforce boss however only limited the accusations to the Microsoft executive, and said that he was in good terms with his counterpart over at Microsoft, Satya Nadella.

Speaking to reporters, Benioff said that he was cool with Nadella, but pointed the finger towards the Microsoft executives who he said he had a beef with. This was because these executives had made some aggressive comments on how they were going to handle the LinkedIn data. Benioff said that they had threatened to use the data in an anti-competitive manner. Speaking about what he wrote on Twitter, Benioff said that what they are doing now is bad and not good for competition, hence the need for him to explain on Twitter.

Back in September, Benioff called out the Microsoft Executive Vice President, Scott Guthrie, on his Twitter account and said that Guthrie in particular was planning on using the data they were going to collect from both Microsoft and LinkedIn was going to be used in an anti-competitive manner.

Microsoft obviously denied to comment on the situation.

The news comes as Salesforce feels let down by the sale of the social media network to Microsoft. Earlier this year, the cloud computing business was angling at buying LinkedIn themselves before Microsoft came in and overtook them to purchase finally for $26,9 billion. Salesforce is a company that offers businesses and organizations services that help them better manage their customers.

Salesforce has been raising this issue of how Microsoft is in a position to deny its competition to get the mass data of LinkedIn, something which they say gives Microsoft an unfair advantage.