, inc. (CRM) Ventures Deeper Into the Internet of Things

Salesforce, inc. (NYSE:CRM) is venturing deeper into the internet of things. Yesterday the company announced a new IoT cloud service for storing and analyzing data. The company will integrate the cloud service to its core customer relationship management product.

The Salesforce IoT Cloud is expected to be ready by the beginning of 2016. The company plans to use it as a tool through which connected devices, websites, and mobile apps can stream user data.

Salesforce described the shift to the new cloud platform as a shift from a reactive model to a proactive form of customer service. Dylan Steele gave a good example of how the business model with an explanation of how a car dealer can instantly send a tow-truck to assist a truck that has broken down. Mr. Steele is one of the senior directors of product marketing at Salesforce.

In a real ideal situation, Emerson Electric Co. (NYSE:EMR) wants to have a situation where it can simply contact a customer when a problem is detected in one of their connected thermostats. That way, both parties will have bridged the time gap between the customer identifying the product and calling the company. Additionally, it will improve the client’s safety. This part of the pilot program that will be operated via the new cloud technology.

The demand for such cloud technology is expected to be on a constant upward trend as the number of conned devices and their manufacturers increase. The new cloud technology operates on most of the same principles included in its services since it launched CRM on the cloud. However it a more updated version that will offer more simplicity to users.

This is because it will do most of the heavy tasks by processing big data. Users will therefore not have to worry about the growing number of technologies to keep up with. Salesforce will handle all that.

Dealing with big data is not an easy task but Salesforce is confident that it can simplify big data processing tasks from the Internet of Things.