Samoa Joe Likely To Miss Wrestlemania


There is no doubt that Samoa Joe is one of the best things about Monday Night Raw when he is healthy. Unfortunately, this is the second time since he made his way to the main roster that he got injured and that he had to miss some time. The first time that it happened was right after Summerslam when this guy was in the main event picture and it kind of stopped his momentum.

The second time was early in 2018 when he was in the storyline with The Shield, and, most importantly, Seth Rollins.

If he hadn’t gotten injured, he would probably be the one that would have taken the IC title off of Roman Reigns. That would make him the Intercontinental Champion going into the biggest show of the year.

If that had happened, Samoa Joe would have gotten a huge role at Mania. You know who else needs a big match at Wrestlemania and would have been just a perfect opponent for Samoa Joe? Braun Strowman.


That clash would have been amazing to watch. The fact that Braun is now likely going to face The Miz, who is the IC champ, tells us that Braun vs. Joe was something that WWE has been taking a look at before Joe went down.

Now, they have removed him from all the live shows before Mania and the next one that he is advertised for is in April after the biggest show of the year passes.

That is a shame for Joe who has never been on Mania card and is one of the best workers and heels that WWE has on their roster, possibly the best heel as well. He is going to have to wait another year to make Mania debut.