Samoa Joe vs. Seth Rollins – Payback PPV Picks And Predictions


This is one of the marquee battles at Payback PPV. The company had no choice but to book this match after what happened in the Rollins vs. Triple H storyline. With Rollins’ victory against The Game at Wrestlemania 33, it was understandable for the WWE to keep him in a big storyline. The one and only option for him that made sense was for this guy to go up against Samoa Joe.

This is a tough match to predict and book. It seems that the company has put themselves into the corner yet again. Who do you put over in this duel? Or, the better question is: How can you have one of these guys lose at this point in time?

On one side, you have Rollins who is coming off one of his biggest wins of his career. Beating Triple H was great for him as he is now getting a nice push that he really needs. The Architect is looking strong right now, and a loss here would make his win at Mania useless.


On the other hand, we have Samoa Joe who is not named The Destroyer for no good reason. He is going to be a major heel on Monday Night Raw. Pinning him is a bad option for the company as he should remain strong for a long time.

So, who is going to win this match? Well, double DQ or some kind of shenanigans would be a perfect option. But, we don’t think that WWE is going to take that route, and we are going to pick Seth Rollins to win this fight against Samoa Joe.