Samsung Foldable Phone – most recent patent

For some time already we have witnessed the Samsung’s efforts to promote flip phones, and the rumor has it that this multinational company is on a good path to create the new generation of the aforementioned devices and to introduce its first foldable smartphone. Instead of having two displays in one phone, Samsung has come up with a new concept of phones with screens that bend in half as well as the flexible seam.

In short lines, the phone will look like any other similar gadget, which gets a clamshell-like shape when bent. This feature makes it very convenient to carry around as the phone reduces by double in its size. The phone reminds of Microsoft’s Surface Book whose main drawback is the area around the hinge which is difficult to be cleansed from the dust.

This project is not new, it was announced by Samsung last year in March, and it is expected to be brought to light in 2017 when those who are interested will be able to buy it. This project was referred to as a Project Valley in the past, and it was revealed in many different reports. It seems that few of the previous Samsung devices were indicating the birth of such an extraordinary concept. For example, Galaxy S7 Edge and Note with their curved edges are said to be the front-runners to this foldable device. However, there is a substantial difference between these two setups which makes it uncertain whether the foldable smartphone will thread their way into the market.