Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Will Cost Almost $1,000


It is not that common for a mainstream phone to cost more than $900, but Samsung surprised us all when they broke the news about the price for the Galaxy Note 8 rising up to $1,000. The company is expected to launch it in September, so it will probably be available at the beginning of October. However, in addition to the launch date, people were on the edge of their seats to find out the devices’ price, as well, but we believe they were not that happy with the news about that.

Of course, no one expected it to cost less than $800, but it was still a bit of surprise to learn that the price will most likely go up to $1,000. But, the question is why Samsung is so sure that people will be ready to allocate so much money for their new product? There are several reasons why, actually, and we will name only a few.


First of all, they didn’t raise their prices out of the blue. In case you don’t remember, last year’s Galaxy Note 7 and this year’s Galaxy 8 Plus both started above $800. Since Samsung has sold a great number of both devices even at such high a price, it means that there are enough people who want and can pay that much for their newest gadgets. Thus, it should have been expected that the new model would cost even more.

Furthermore, those people who can’t afford to pay so much for a phone probably hope that various discounts will make it possible for them to buy it at a significantly lower price, which happened with the S8.

Finally, let’s not forget about all the new features that the Note 8 will have, including the high-resolution, bezel-deprived OLED screen – something you have never seen before. It wouldn’t be fair to expect that the company to maintain the same price when such innovative features will be brought to life with the upcoming phone.