Samsung Galaxy S8 – News and Updates

There have been numerous leaks about the flagship Samsung Galaxy S8 device, and the South Korean tech giant confirmed the arrival of this smartphone. Firstly, the existence of the new phone has been unintentionally verified, and we expect that the new gadget will be mind-blowing. Secondly “Galaxy S8” name appeared on the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The South Korean company was not able to hide the name “Galaxy 8” and although we expected that this would be the name of the new flagship model in the lineup, things are not always that simple. Let’s just take a step back when the 2015 Galaxy Note 5 was followed by the 2016 Galaxy Note 7. Taking this into consideration we cannot tell for sure what the name of the new iPhone device will be.

Microsoft was definitely the one that started this name leaping or whatever you want to call it when they launched Windows 10 after the Windows 8.

So far, we have been able to see so many renders of the Galaxy S8, but now we finally get to see the real fascias of both Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge and S8. These masks together with the renders show drastically reduced top and bottom bezels, which gives the new device amazing look. Because of this reduction, Samsung’s smartphones will feature larger screens, but will not be bigger than the previous Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

Furthermore, both Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge come with curved Edge displays, a move which makes the Edge name kind of unnecessary. It is expected that the ‘all curve display design’ will be copied by Apple for its new iPhone which will come later in 2017. We believe that this year will be fantastic for the South Korean tech giant and that its Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge smartphones will be among the most wanted gadgets on the market. Another reason why we expect a very successful year for the brand is the introduction of the Galaxy Note 8 which is on the horizon.