Samsung Galaxy S8 price in UK, release date, specs and some news regarding 2017’s first big smartphone launch!

As everybody knows, Samsungs next best thing is all but confirmed, and there is a possibility that it could be launched as soon as March next year. The much-announced S8 will, as others before it, arrive in two different configurations – smaller 5.1 inch one and a larger 5.5-inch model. The only unknown here is will there be an edged screen as the S7 and S6 had these past two years.

The past and the future

The tech giant, as you probably know, had its fair share of problems and the latest one was the disastrous global recall and cancellation of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, which had explosion related problems. But thankfully they are rebounding from that, and it is coming in the form of the Gear S3 smartwatch that is being released in the UK later this month.

Samsung also has a problem with its main competitor and that is the Apple and its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus that are turning out to be a huge hit with buyers although they decided to remove the headphone jack. Samsung must reply swiftly to the Apple threat, and that is why we believe that the S8 might find its way to the store shelves as soon as March 2017.

Galaxy S8 Specifications

To be better and more preferable than iPhone models, South Korean company will have to go all out and add pretty much everything they’ve got to their new flagship phone. What exactly will that be? Well, let’s try and figure out. So far we know that it will pretty much have everything but the headphone jack, which will be discarded in favor of a USB Type-C port that the S8 will probably use for charging. But additional info regarding it will be discovered at the Mobile World Congress in 2017.

Some reports say that Samsung is planning to make the S8 with an edge-to-edge display and remove the home button which was always a hallmark of their devices. Tech site Droid-Life stated that “With the removal of the home button, it should be expected that we might see on-screen buttons, instead of Samsung’s long-standing capacitive keys.” They are also trying to put a pair of stereo speakers in the S8, just like Apple did in iPhone 7. Gadget site Fone Arena reported that “According to our sources this dual speaker technology will have a branding, like the HTC’s Boomsound,” and added, “It could also come with HARMAN branding, and powered by technology from HARMAN that it recently agreed to acquire for about $8.0 billion”.

When the rest of specs are in question, as far as we can find out now, the S8 is supposed to host a 4K screen, 6 GB of RAM and a 30-megapixel camera. All of that will be backed up with a 4,200 mAh battery which, if it doesn’t explode, should easily last you 24 hours of solid usage. Samsung-watching site SamMobile reported recently that the S8 might carry Exynos 8895 processor paired with a Mali-G71 GPU. According to them, this means the new phone will be up to 1.8 times more powerful than the already-impressive Galaxy S7.

The outside change

Everybody has lately discussed the topic of why Apple has decided to discard the headphone jack, and the overall opinion with most is that they are doing it because the phone will be tougher and more resistant to water while retaining slimmer and slick-looking case. Reports suggest that the new flagship smartphone from Samsung could follow and also remove headphone jack. Apple and Samsung weren’t the first to do this, but somehow the Apple’s iPhone 7 caused the biggest commotion and made the third-party companies to swiftly offer wireless headphones and phone cases to resolve the issue.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release date and price

Since it is pretty fair to expect the S8 to come sometime March 2017, and since it is most likely that it won’t be cheap, we advise that you start saving up instantly if you want to own a piece of tech like this. How do we know this? Well, Samsung has a certain tradition (ever since S2 in 2011) where they announce their phones around the Mobile World Congress (MWC) event in Barcelona which is in late February, and that gives them an opportunity to put their phones on the shelves sometime during the March.

When pricing is concerned Samsung’s 32 GB S7 had a price of $716 while a slightly larger S7 Edge was $804, and we think that they will not deviate much from this kind of pricing. But there is another thing that can influence the price of the phone that shouldn’t be ignored. The storage capacity is the factor that can change everything. The current S7 has only 32 GB of storage, but if the company decides to increase this to 64 GB or even 128 GB the price could go up as well.