Samsung Galaxy S8 – Resolution Leak

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will soon be officially unveiled, but there has been a leak that confirms a 2960 x 1440 screen resolution. This means that the Galaxy S8 will cut down on power consumption by using the similar technology to the LG G6’s.

If you don’t know much about G6, we should mention that it has been able to reduce the number of pixels the phone renders on GPU. In other words, you can reduce either framerate or resolution when you are playing games in order to save power. Even though the quality of the image will be slightly worse, it is always a good feature to have on the phone, and if you are playing Pokemon Go or watching clips on YouTube, this won’t bother you.

Samsung is constantly using intricate methods to compensate for small batteries in their devices, and that is interesting to see. Considering the users like slim phones plus battery technology that moves slowly, this is quite understandable, and just like every other gadget maker, the Samsung needs to produce more power-hungry phones for which cutting-edge technologies are necessary. The S8 should receive 3000 mAh battery which is similar in size to the LG’s G6 3300 mAh one. Rumor has it that S8’s battery comes from none other than LG which is rather perplexing whereas the Galaxy S8+ should be powered by 3500 mAh unit.

The ability to change the resolution on Samsung S8 is not entirely new as this possibility is offered on the S7 too. The important information is the screen resolution itself. Meanwhile, there are some photos of the S8+ posted on Twitter which show some additional details.

The box you can see is for a 64 GB phone, but the final storage capacity for the device remains unknown. Some of the options are 64, 128 and 256 GB, but microSD support is always available with Samsung phones. The question is if both the smartphones come from the same person, does it mean that both gadgets have 2960 x 1440 screen resolution? Perhaps we will just wait for a few days when South Korean tech giant is going to unveil all the details about their flagship devices.