Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors

Samsung company is in tight spot lately, mostly because of the past problems they had, and now they have a lot riding on their Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines. Some of the reports that are emerging lately state that the Note 8 will not happen at all while others sing a totally different tune and state that this smartphone will be company’s big comeback. Now, we are all in the dark regarding this matter, but we will try to shed some light on the story, especially for you who had problems with Galaxy Note 7 and are looking to the Note 8 to replace your discontinued phablet.

This company is no joke, and they showed that by succeeding to grab a large chunk of the market by releasing two flagship lines – the Galaxy S smartphone for the more conservative of consumers, and the Galaxy Note phablet for those in need of an extra screen size. As you can imagine a few features differentiate these two but the most obvious one is the size difference.

No matter what the tech specifications and the company say, no one can really distinguish the Samsung Galaxy S from the Samsung Galaxy Note any more than anyone can differentiate the iPhone and the iPhone Plus. This is basically due to the fact that the Galaxy S is just a smaller version of the Galaxy Note and that is becoming more and more clear as you go down the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines.

If you did not know, the S7 Edge had a 5.5-inch screen while the Note 7 came with a 5.7-inch screen, and that is their pretty much entire difference. They even shared the internal hardware despite the fact that Note 7 came a few months later than the S7 this year. But what will happen to the Note 8? Is it in trouble or not even if we know these two things:
1. The last of Note series which was Note 7 made Samsung lose millions of dollars as well as brought up couple of lawsuits, and
2. If Samsung is to, per say, release new Galaxy S phone that has pretty much the same dimensions as the Galaxy Note?

As you probably read already, since it is a hot topic, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is supposed to host a brand new bezel-less 6-inch display, at least according to South Korean site Naver. They “speculated” that the Galaxy S8 will come in two variations, just like iPhone 7 and 7 Plus – a standard S8 with five-inch screen and a new S8 Plus that will feature a 6-inch display. But there is something that the S8 Plus will have to trade for the bigger screen, and it is the bezel, just like Xiaomi Mi Mix, at least according to speculations.

Now we have a dilemma here, or at least Samsung does. If you have an S8 with a bigger screen than Note 7, what is the need for updating the Note series? Forbes site, on the other hand, claims that this is a tell-tale sign that Samsung might be holding off the Galaxy Note 8 because the math is simple. Why buy a Note when you have a bigger S8 anyway?

But keep in mind that for now these are all speculations and wishes, although some of them seem to be legit and logical, but speculations nevertheless. But if you are a fan of Note series we have something that will keep your hopes up. Inquisitr made a report that says the Note 8’s model number leaked thanks to the notorious smartphone leaks whistleblower Evan Blass. Thanks to this it would be logical to assume that the Note 8 is in the development and that is coming to production.

Evan Blass: “Samsung Galaxy S8 models are indeed skipping SM-G94* model numbers, will ship as SM-G950 & SM-G955. Know what else is in the works? SM-N950.” Thank you, Evan!

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