Samsung Galaxy TabPro S Gold Edition Launched

The new Galaxy TabPro S Gold Edition was introduced a couple of days ago by Samsung. It is a 2-in-1 device and no matter whether you use it for fun or work, you can’t go wrong with this Samsung.

The new Galaxy TabPro S Gold Edition is definitely state-of-the-art among 2-in-1 devices, considering that it has Windows 10 operating system and a plethora of useful features. First of all, it tops the previous model by far with its 8GB of RAM and a 256GB Solid State Drive. From now on, customers will be able to use their device wherever they are, access the stored files and work more effortlessly.

The company really improved the battery life. Thanks to some fast charging features the device takes only 2.5 hours to charge completely. Once the battery is at 100% it can last up to 10.5 hours without recharging it in the meantime. Taking into consideration that a six-generation Intel Core M processor has found its way to the Galaxy TabPro S, we can say with confidence that this device is really powerful.

Furthermore, the Galaxy TabPro S will be equipped with Super AMOLED display, which presents precise details and amazing colors, so if you decide to watch movies or TV shows, you will certainly enjoy it.

The Gold Edition offers smooth, minimalistic and stylish design. The weight of the device is only 1.53 pounds and it is a quarter inch thin. You will also get a keyboard that can be attached or detached, but you can always use the touchscreen. Furthermore, the keyboard comes equipped with the Pogo pin connector which means that you don’t need to charge separately.

You can connect your Samsung smartphone to your TabPro with one touch, because of the Samsung Flow. This means that you can use your tablet screen for texting or calling, instead of your smartphone.

Moreover, several ports are integrated into the device that will help you do what you intend. First of all, your video presentation can come to life if you use the HDMI port. Secondly, USB-A port is used for flash devices, whereas the USB-C port is for the fast charging technology.

The starting price of the Galaxy TabPro S Gold Edition is $999.99 and it has been available since October 14, 2016 for the US market. You can purchase your device at Best Buy or