San Diego Chargers vs. Cleveland Browns – Week 16 Picks And Predictions

It’s the same story with the Cleveland Browns every single week, at the same time, it can also be said for whoever are their opponents. They will be looking to avoid humiliation and win at least one game this season. This is probably their best shot. On the other hand, San Diego has nothing to play for but to avoid being the first team that Browns have beaten this year.

Rober Griffin III was back last week, but that didn’t help the Browns much. At the beginning of the year, they were losing games, but they were competitive and really deserved to win at least one of those duels. Since then, they have been awful and have failed to play a competitive game in every single match since that loss to the Patriots in Week 5. They did have that good half against the Ravens, but that is about it.

San Diego lost a lot of close games at the beginning of the year. That cost them in their already tough division. They also had a great chance of beating the Raiders past round, but again fell short. Their offense is potent and will have no trouble scoring on this Browns squad.

The Cleveland Browns can win this match, but it’s a long shot. We are not betting on it, and we are picking Phillip Rivers and his Chargers to win this one and pick apart this Browns defense. Chargers will handle their business and finish the job here with 30:17 standing for a score at the end.