San Diego Chargers vs. Houston Texans – Week 12 Picks And Predictions

This San Diego Chargers team showed some flashes of greatness this season, but they were unlucky more often than they deserve. They lost some games that they should have won. Also, they are playing in the best division in the AFC, so that really doesn’t help either. Even it is clear that this squad won’t make the postseason they really are a team that can beat anybody on any given Sunday.

Well, Chargers don’t need that win on Sunday as they are out of Playoff picture. But, the Texans do need to win this match. They need it badly, and they need to bounce back after that tough loss to the Raiders in Mexico City. This Chargers defense is not impressive at all, so Brock Osweiler needs to have a good game. This offense needs to get it together and get the job done.

DeAndre Hopkins‘ touchdown was taken away against Oakland. He made a good play, but refs called it out of bounds, and that is what might end up being one of the deciding factors in the AFC South race.

It’s a shame that San Diego Chargers couldn’t put a better team and especially better defense around Phillip Rivers. They are still a very dangerous crew, just not as good as some Playoff contenders.

Even though we want to pick Chargers in this one, we think Texans are going to recognize in what position they are in and that sense of urgency will kick in. They need this game badly, and we think they will find a way to beat San Diego in Houston. The final score of this game will be 27:24 in favor of the Texans.