Sasha Banks Reacts To Fan Negative Reaction

Sasha Banks is one of the best female performers of all time. This women’s revolution has been good for the wrestling itself, and Sasha has been one of the girls that led the way in them becoming relevant not only as pretty objects in the wrestling world but actually notable because of their wrestling skills.

Recently she did an interview with GorillaPosition podcast host James Dellow, and she talked about a lot of things. She commented on her character and her trying to be 100% committed to the role when she is in front of the camera. But she noted that she is a pretty shy and that her on-screen persona is something that she wants to be in real life. Being her on TV has actually helped her a lot in the personal life by boosting the confidence that she needs.


She also spoke about her dreams and what she wants to achieve in her career. Sasha, like many wrestlers, desires to be in the main event of the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania. But, besides that, she also wishes to wrestle in Japan in front of the Japanese crowd.

Banks also briefly commented on some of the negative reaction towards her and her fellow women wrestlers.

“Ultimately their opinion does not affect me because, regardless of what it is, they are talking about me. Love me or hate me, you’re talking about me. You’re invested in me, that’s why you’re mentioning my name. You’re going to see the match regardless. Whether you’re for it or against it, you’re watching and you’re talking about it.”