Season 2 of Little Witch Academia in question?


This popular anime aired on January 9, 2017, and became viral in a short period of time. The first season consists of five episodes, and the license for the show belongs to Netflix, US. Little Witch Academia is also available on DVDs.

It all started with a short YouTube film. Trigger Studio materialized Michiru Shimada’s script, and it looks promising so far considering how many fans are hungry for the season 2. Oshima was joined by Yoh Yoshinari, and they are both directors of the show now.

Just as we previously said, this show is quite popular. Numbers don’t lie, and anime Little Witch Academia has a score of 8/10 on My Anime List. It is in 439th and 526th place when it comes to popularity on this site, and about 80,000 fans voted. The anime was a part of a project instigated by the government of Japan. In 2012 this country invested 214.5 million yen on four anime series and the main purpose of this project was to motivate young people into becoming animators and interested young enthusiasts were able to apply in four studios for training.


Story of Little Witch Academia Season 2

This show tells the story about Luna Nova Magical Academy for Witches. The protagonist, Akko Kagari, inspired by a witch decides to join the academy, but she has problems because she possesses no magical powers. In order to resolve the issue, since she joined the academy, she stumbles upon a powerful relic called the Shiny Rod. The story zooms in on Akko and her companions Sucy and Lotte as they venture through the world where people think that witches are boring and wizardry is outdated. Their adventures are full of magic and exciting events, and there are speculations that the upcoming season will be even more thrilling with many more things and new places to explore.


Season 2 Cast

The first season’s team stays the same except for some new additions. We will see:
-Sucy Manbavaran, played by Michio Murase
-Lotte Yansson, played by Fumiko Orikasa
-Atsuko Kagari, played by Megumi Han
-Diana Cavendish, played by Yoko Hisaka

However, no update is official when it comes to Little Witch Academia Season 2, and we’ll just have to be patient and wait. Hang in there, we’ll keep you posted if something comes up.