Season One from Starbucks Coffee


In 2016 Writers from The Simpsons had a brilliant idea and that was to do an animated series that focused on the employees and customers that frequented a coffee shop and the goings on at said shop. What followed was a season of shorts that many of the customers of Starbucks really enjoyed.

#1 Baby Names

In this episode, Byron and Cyndy discuss baby names and along the way they manage to get some advice that was not asked for by Chet. This leads to a very interesting episode that will be sure to entertain viewers.


#2 Perfect Drink

Diego, without even realizing it, discovers the inspiration needed to make a drink that will be perfect. This is an episode that is perfect to enjoy while drinking your favorite coffee (If you want to know more about coffee, go to This is the second episode of the series, and you can see where the stories are getting more detailed.

#3 Christmas Meal

One of the characters Gord finds himself on Christmas with no real plans for the upcoming holiday. This is until Diego Julie, and Iggy all get together to help and provide Gord a meal on Christmas.


#4 Happy New Year

In this episode, all of the characters reveal their resolutions that are at the very least unique and different. This makes for an interesting episode to watch while enjoying a cup of coffee.

#5 College Essay

Chloe not only has to evaluate her role as a bunny with a pink backpack but she also has the hard task of filling out the application for college. This is the 5th episode that comes from the coffee maker and will be sure to provide you with laughs.


#6 New Partner

This episode has all of the employees coming clean about their jobs and the moments that were their least memorable for them. This is an episode that will call for you to enjoy over a cup of your favorite coffee.

#7 Store Wars

In this episode, the gang is left to defend the honor of their store after another barista comes in that works at a different Starbucks and makes some rather unflattering comments about their store.

#8 Beagle Love

Writer’s block has struck one of the members of the staff, and it seems that nothing will clear it until another employee makes a confession that is seen as being very startling.


These are the episodes that made up the first season of 1st and main. We can not wait till the next season of this hit show is released for people to view. There is a lot of people out there that really hope that this gets picked up for another season. With that being said this is a series that has a lot of elements that appeals to the average coffee drinker.

This has had a lot of fans of the show already, and as more and more people discover the show, it is thought that this will be one of the highest viewed web sows of all time. While it is a cut look at the goings-on inside of a Starbucks, it gives the viewers something to think about with each episode. The writing of the show is second to none, and there is a lot of effort that has been put into this show and helps to give the viewers something that they can really sink their teeth into and helps them to have a new fixation in their life.