Seat Alhambra to Come as a Seven-Seater

The Seat Alhambra was introduced to the public in 2010 alongside Volkswagen Sharan. However, the time has come for the Alhambra to stop being produced in the ongoing form.

Alejandro Mesonero, the design chief of the Spanish brand told AutoExpress:”We do not want to do that body style anymore. We will replace it, but not with the one-box design we have now. Seat will launch a seven-seater, but that is not desirable now… everyone is buying SUVs right now.”

To put it in other words, the head of the company declared that there is a large chance for Alhambra to become a seven-seat crossover in the future. Be that as it may, if this happens, it is also possible that the next-generation car comes under a different name.

Seat presented the 20V20 Concept SUV for the first time in Geneva last year. The new production SUV is going to share numerous parts with Skoda Kodiaq. The Kodiaq is the first ever SUV produced by Skoda and it can also serve as a styling inspiration to the future Seat crossover.

The Alhambra may be transferred to the crossover segment, which can motivate Volkswagen to do the same with next-generation Sharan. The reason for this is that Volkswagen is likely to develop a new car with the support from another company so that the production costs can be shared.