See Lucky’s New Tattoo

Tattoos are one of the best ways to permanently “connect” a piece of art to your body. People love expressing themselves in many different ways, and tattooing is one of them.

Some choose to get inked with something that really means a lot to them, others do it simply for the aesthetics. In some cases people like their tattoos to be on more “private” places while others want everybody to be able to see them.

Regardless of what the reason for your tattoo is, there’s no doubt that getting one is tons of fun. However, you need to be a bit careful before choosing your first tattoo, those things remain on your body forever, and you don’t want to permanently seal something that you will stop liking after a week.

Fortunately, the laser tattoo removal technology has advanced a lot in the recent years. Go here in order to find out more.

Tattoos were popular in the past decades but their popularity increased by a lot during the past few years. Is it because artists are getting more sophisticated or people simply start coming up with new and more unique ideas than before? There’s a statistic that shows something really fascinating. About forty-six percent of adults in the United States have been inked at least once.

This article is about a recently discovered Entrepreneur and model Logan Lucky Ford. He goes by the name of @whereislucky on social media and Instagram. Judging by his Instagram account he’s a person that likes to enjoy life and do whatever makes him happy. He even has “I’m just doing me” posted as his slogan in his account description. If we take a closer look at his photos we can see that a lot of them include his dog, a Pomeranian from Ohio that goes by the name of Baby. Baby was born in September 13th, 2018 and loves to travel with her owner everywhere he goes.

The latest post on Logan’s Instagram profile is a picture of his most recent tattoo, featuring a portrait of his dog Baby with floral roses around her head. It’s a really amazing tattoo that uniquely shows the love Logan has for his dog Baby.

This beautiful piece of art was done by a famous tattoo artist Khoi Nguyen. Khoi is a tattooist who is known for his amazing artistic talent and also for tattooing celebrities. One of the celebrities that Khoi tattooed is the famous icon and pop star Lady Gaga. Khoi currently works at one of the most famous tattoo studios in the world, the High Voltage Tattoo shop. The shop is owned by the famous Kat Von D and it was also the one featured in the reality series LA Ink for the last four seasons.

Logan’s tattoo is a true inspiration and shows a very unique way to express the love and gratitude that he feels towards his pet Baby.