7 Ways a Self-storage Unit can Benefit Your Business


What every company strives to is to fight for its longest possible survival in today’s fast-growing (and often ruthless) market. The only way to stand out from the competition is by implementing innovative ideas that potential users can recognize and accept. Once, thanks to the great efforts made, the firm begins to develop expansively, the need for additional storage space will increase.

That tiny office where you started your business venture will no longer be enough to store all the documents or working equipment that keep piling up with each passing day – and that moment is the right time to start thinking about how to provide more free space. While some owners see this investment as an (unnecessary) additional cost, others realized its importance after it became too hard to cope with all the paperwork around. To help you understand how handy such an investment may come in, we’ve compiled a list of self-storage unit greatest benefits.

1. It facilitates business expansion


After you’ve worked hard all the time to improve your company’s management and finally reach a large number of users, the need for more intensive expansion will increase as the time passes by. This will require more storage space but it also needs to be an office-like area if you want to avoid a big mess in one place. And, you’ll agree, such a scene is neither cute nor representative.

The perfect way to solve this problem is to rent a self-storage unit, as such an investment will allow you to expand instantly and quickly. The expansion will probably include a much larger amount of documents that’ll require files – you’ll be able to put all the excess equipment and paperwork in the rented unit and thus successfully declutter your office.

2. It provides security


Data security is one of the highest priorities for all business owners. The loss of fundamental documents could turn into a real nightmare, which is why papers containing key information and data must always be locked and adequately secured so that only trusted persons have access.

Self-storage can help you in this as well and provide you with the safety level you need. Such facilities are mostly equipped with alarm systems, a protective fence, and sometimes guards. When you use rental services, most service providers also offer transportation of your belongings from the office to the unit as a part of the package. To provide even better security, you get entitled to insurance in case something is lost or damaged, about which it’s possible to read more here.

3. It’s cost-effective

Every entrepreneur will strive to reduce costs as much as possible – any excess outflow of capital negatively affects the stability of the business and should be avoided. The goal is to make as much profit as possible and not jeopardize the chances of that happening.


Renting self-storage units is rather profitable, although many owners give up on that idea convinced otherwise. The first advantage is that a warehouse rental fee would cost you much more than this – the average amount is about $18 per week with a quality user experience.

Also, another fact that goes in favor of the rental solution is that this option will be much simpler for you than providing extra furnishing that may turn out to be more costly than expected or adding a new office.

4. It archives documents

Another benefit of hiring such units is archiving. Placing a huge number of documents at a safe place can be a challenge for companies, and everyone’s aware of how important this is from the legal aspect. Today there’s indeed a possibility of storing them on computers or hard drives – but what happens in case of technical damage or hacking? There may be no way to get everything back safe and sound.

You can store multiple types of papers in the provided units – starting with the confidential ones that contain basic information about your customers, data from the human resources sector, financial reports, or bookkeeping reports. Now you realize how messy your office may be, don’t you? And, well, with the perfect security system that includes an alarm and cameras, you’ll be able to sleep peacefully as you’ll know that everything’s safe.

5. It meets the needs of the warehouse


There are companies whose business involves selling products online, and until the goods find their buyers, they need to be placed in a safe location. Warehouses are most often used for this purpose, but it’s necessary to keep in mind that renting a warehouse can be a huge additional cost.

Online retailers can do their work from home without the need for an office. A home closet is certainly not a place where a pile of goods can be stored – therefore, this is the right time to rely on self-storage. In such units you’ll have as many square meters as you need, as opposed to the excessive capacity of the warehouse, which may be superfluous.

6. It can be temporary storage during relocation

Situations such as office renovation, painting, or other types of work, as well as changing the location aren’t uncommon in business. Especially when we want to introduce some novelties and refresh the workspace or we simply want to move to a crowded location where potential clients will notice us more easily. It’s clear that we have to figure out where to leave all the property until the relocation process or works are completed.

Self-storage is the perfect solution to these worries, as until the transition process is over your property will remain safe and you won’t have to keep it at home and risk living in a mess for the next few weeks.


7. It can also be seasonal storage

In the end, you should also consider this option in case you’re dealing with seasonal changes. Catering facilities such as restaurants have a large inventory and a summer garden that aren’t available to guests at any time of year. Certain dishes and cutlery are used exclusively for special occasions, for example, when receiving special guests or organizing celebrations such as weddings. On the other hand, chairs and tables used for a summer garden shouldn’t be exposed to harsh winter weather conditions if you want them to last longer – therefore, they must be moved to a better place.

For the staff’s workspace not to look chaotic and disorganized, these items must be stored properly. All the excess stock, kitchen utensils, furniture and seasonal decorations can properly wait for the time of use in self-storage space and make your work easier.