5 Documents You’ll Need to Sell Your Old Car – 2024 Guide


Like everything else, cars are consumer goods. And while for some it is only important to transport them from point A to point B, others pay a lot of attention to aesthetics, but also the power of the engine. However, over the years, you realize that your car is obsolete and it’s time to replace it with a newer version. Fortunately, the car industry is developing rapidly, so it is easy to find a good car at an affordable price, thanks to the great competition in the market.


If you have an old four-wheeler and want to replace it with a newer, better version, you are mistaken if you think no one wants it. Even if it’s not in running order, you’re wrong if you think it has no value. Today, there many companies like Carsome buy junk cars, whether it is for resale, the use of useful spare parts, or to go for the purchase of scrap metal. Either way, make sure you can make a few bucks.

However, to succeed in your intention, you will have to meet the stated conditions, ie you must have certain documents as proof that the car is in your ownership. Let’s go in order.

The ownership document

There is no need to say much about this paper, except it serves you to prove you are the owner of the car. It is also known as the “Registration Certificate for Motor Vehicles”. It is a document bearing watermarks and is considered a national document.

Cancel the insurance and take the plates off

Before disposing of your car, you need to cancel your insurance. This is important to do to get rid of insurance payments before the policy expires. Also, if you have already paid full coverage in advance, you will be able to get your money back. Even if you are not in a situation like this and your insurance is definitely about to expire, it would be a good idea to notify the insurance anyway, as this can bring you certain benefits in the future.

It is also recommended to remove the license plates. In some countries, this is taken for granted, and in some, it does not have to be done. In any case, our advice is to take them off and save them for your next car or return them to DMV – Department of Motor Vehicles.

Check the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)


The Vehicle Identification Number on the car has to match the number on the title. If not, you should not be optimistic about selling your car.

Inform DVLA about selling your car

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency must be notified about selling. You must have in mind it is the seller’s responsibility to do.

Other not necessary, but useful documents

Warranty documentation will raise the price of your car without any doubt. Of course, in that case, your car can’t be considered a junk car.

What else can I do to increase my chances of selling?

In addition to the documents you need to sell your car, there are a few “tricks” that will help you with that intention. With a few tricks, you will be able to raise the price of your car a bit. Of course, if the wheels are still turning!

The first thing you need to do is remove all personal belongings from the car. If there are any stickers, try removing them. Clean the ashtray because even smokers don’t like the unpleasant smell of stale cigarettes. Drive the car to the car wash, wash it, and thoroughly clean the seats. Add some freshener that will make the smell more pleasant.

If you notice that one light is not working, the whipper is broken, or that the window lift button is not working, try to replace it, because it is not a big investment, and it will mean a lot when selling.

If the car is in such a bad condition that its parts are missing, that it is stuck and old, don’t worry, because even then there is a solution. We mentioned that one of the possibilities is to press it. However, do not expect unrealistic money, because the payment is not calculated according to the car model or the condition in which it is, but exclusively according to the weight.

If you are inclined to repair something yourself and understand spare parts, you can also make an effort to clean or replace some parts to sell the car at a higher price.

Another solution is to sell the car in parts because it is certain that there will be a lot of parts that mechanics will need.

Misconceptions about junk car

There are many misconceptions about old cars, and we are here to break them down.

Old cars do not harm the environment

If you’re a nature lover, and you have an old wreck in your backyard, we have bad news for you. You may have thought that a car that has been standing in the same place for years does not harm the environment, but you are wrong. Even parked, vehicles drain oil and antifreeze that eventually end up in the ground and grass, harming flora and fauna.

Nobody wants a rusty car!


We have already mentioned that you will be able to sell the rusty car for waste, only the weight is important.


While looking for the best deal when selling, it’s important to be realistic with your expectations. Be aware of the condition of your vehicle and know that it is better to get an even smaller amount for it than you expected than to stand for years in your yard taking up space and ruining the look of your home. Another important thing to remember – if the car is in running order and you are not using it, it will start to fall apart over time. So, take the opportunity, sell it, and let the money you get to be used to invest in a newer, better version.