Declutter to Dollar: Staging Secrets for Selling Your House Quickly

Have you been struggling to sell your house? Need to make a quick sale but have no idea how? Look no further, because we have the answers. Our guide will provide you with critical tips and tricks to declutter and stage your house for that fast sale you desire. You can go from chaos to cash in no time!

Benefits of Home Staging

Real estate agents and home sellers have long known that staging a home can help to make it more appealing to prospective buyers. Home staging is the process of creating an attractive setting for the buyer’s imagination, allowing them to envision living in the home even before stepping foot inside. By creating a well-coordinated, inviting space, you have an improved chance of selling your house quickly and at the best price possible. If you are looking for a way to sell your home the fastest way, click here to get all the information you need.

As NFI Property Solutions explains, staging allows potential buyers to see the physical layout as well as get an idea what they could do with it once they own it. This helps show off a home’s best features while downplaying any flaws that may exist. A professionally staged home often has these benefits:

  • Improved visual appeal – Strategically placed furniture and decor help create more balance and flow throughout the house, making it aesthetically pleasing for buyers.
  • Enhanced room size – Furniture placement allows small spaces to appear larger than they are, giving buyers a better sense of how much usable space is available for their needs.
  • Increased marketability – Staged homes stand out from non-staged homes and often sell faster at or above its asking price.
  • Attraction of desirable buyers – Professional staging increases interest from serious buyers who are looking for homes in great condition.

Staging can be one of your greatest assets when putting your house on the market–working with experienced real estate agents and professional stagers will maximize your return on investment in no time!

Preparing Your Home for Staging

Preparing it for staging goes beyond a few simple cleaning tricks – it involves creating the right impression and making potential buyers feel welcome. This means giving the space an inviting and beautiful atmosphere with a neutral palette to create an appealing background for any style of furniture that might be brought in. Here are some tips for creating a show-ready space:

  • Remove personal items and decorations that could distract from the actual value of the property and any focal points that buyers should direct their attention to.
  • Clean thoroughly, taking care to properly address stains in carpets or wall coverings, dust anything that can collect dust, and freshen up windows, doors and painted surfaces.
  • Maximize natural light by cleaning windows both inside and out as well as ensuring window treatments are not obstructing sunlight.
  • Clear away any clutter that could draw negative attention, including toys, pet accessories or unnecessary furniture pieces.
  • Repair any minor damage throughout the property, such as loose doorknobs or small holes in walls caused by hanging artwork or photos.
  • Rearrange furniture to give each room a stronger flow while still appearing cozy and inviting.
  • Incorporate neutral décor pieces such as plants, flowers and art to give the space personality without appearing overfilled with items.

Choosing a Professional Home Stager

Having a professional stager come in to arrange your home for sale can make a huge difference. A professional will have extensive experience and take the time to find out what potential buyers in your area are looking for, which may not be the same as other areas. A professional may also have access to a large inventory of furniture and accessories that can add oomph and vibe to your home that you cannot achieve. In addition, they understand how furniture placement, lighting, color and texture can maximize space making it look more inviting and appealing to potential buyers.

In selecting a professional home stager, you should make sure they are experienced in preparing properties for sale; since this is different from what they do when helping with remodeling or decorating projects. You should also ask them questions such as:

  • How many years of experience do they have in the business?
  • What are their processes when setting-up homes for sale?
  • Ask for references?
  • If they belong to any trade associations that set standards of practice?
  • Their portfolio of before/after pictures?
  • Idea of time frame for completion projects?
  • Fee structure so you know ahead of time the total cost associated with the job?

Staging Tips to Maximize Your Home’s Value

When it comes to real estate, staging your home can have a significant impact on market value – and getting the highest price possible for your property. Although it can be a tedious process, decluttering and renovating your home to present it in its best light can help increase sales potential and ultimately maximize the return on your investment.

In addition to making necessary repairs, painting dark walls lighter colors (a neutral palette is recommended) and staging furniture appropriately, here are a few other tips to consider when staging your home:

  • Curate decor with an eye towards simplicity. Choose a few pieces that pull together the desired look without overwhelming rooms with too much stuff.
  • Deep clean all areas of the house including carpets, fixtures, baseboards and appliances. Take apart furniture where needed in order to properly clean all crevices.
  • Create warm spaces by introducing cozy elements such as throw pillows and blankets as well as scented candles in common areas like living rooms or kitchens.
  • Display food items like fresh fruits and vegetables on kitchen counters to give visitors an inviting feel for those spaces.
  • Let natural light into different rooms by opening drapes or curtains during the day – natural lighting is key for showing off interior features of the home to prospective buyers.
  • Place furniture so that there is plenty of space for visitors to move about freely – which will make them feel more comfortable when viewing your premises.
  • Create an outdoor living space that prospective buyers can envision themselves enjoying if they buy the property – think outdoor furniture placements, BBQs or a nice seating area with greenery surrounding it all!

By remembering these fundamentals when staging your home you should be able to capture more buyer attention and hopefully fetch higher offers than you otherwise might have without taking such steps first!


At the end of it all, decluttering and staging is an art form, and how you prepare your home for potential buyers is entirely up to you. The goal is to create an inviting atmosphere that will captivate buyers as soon as they enter your home. While there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, getting rid of clutter, properly displaying furniture and accent pieces and depersonalizing are key components in creating a well staged home that will help get buyers excited about your property.