Serious failures have plagued the new iPhone and Apple is currently “investigating” what happened!

There is no one on the planet Earth who doesn’t at least know or even own something from Apple company, which lately, unfortunately, is having a tough time that started with the problematic launch of iOS 11. This was followed by the two equally troubling updates and finished with the discovery of a serious fault that iPhone 8 Plus has. Not a good time to be Apple but hey, everyone has good and bad days.

In an interview for Independent, people from Apple informed everyone that they are taking the reports about a severe problem with iPhone 8 Plus’ battery (which causes sides of the smartphone to burst open) very seriously and that they are currently investigating the problem and figuring out what might cause the problem in the first place. You should be aware that at this moment these incidents are limited, meaning not every owner of an iPhone 8 Plus have reported such problems, but the tech giant is apparently taking this pretty serious, and they will not leave anything to chance.

Details about this issue are currently unknown, but the report from Independent implies that Apple believes the problem is caused by “battery swelling” but you shouldn’t be alarmed because that is not as nearly as dangerous as the Samsung’s exploding battery in the Galaxy Note 7. We should also remind everyone that this is not the only difficulty that they had with the iPhone batteries. If you remember, during the last year, Apple initiated a battery recall program for certain iPhone 6S models.

It seems that these battery problems are happening more often lately, and it is mainly a result of two tech giants fighting over a limited market, which makes them cut corners or neglect safety checks here and there which of course lead to issues like these. But, thanks to these faults these companies have improved their reliability and safety and put them on a top priority across the industry. As an example, Samsung now has a class leading 8 Point Battery Safety Check program which, besides making sure everything is OK with your battery, brought a huge reduction of battery decay that happens over the time.

But let’s wait and see what the Apple will find out from their “investigation,” and until the facts come in, we should all just hope that there will be no more of these incidents. Meanwhile, if you are afraid that your iPhone 8 Plus might have the same problem try switching to the new kid on the block – the iPhone X.
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