Seth Rollins Didn’t Want To Break The Shield

One of the most popular stables of all time in the WWE and the best one in recent memory was The Shield. Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and Dean Ambrose dominated the scene on Monday Night Raw as heels and were really well booked for a long period of time. When they eventually made their babyface return, it was the best decision that the company could have made as they were at the top of the world then. The fans wanted to cheer for them, they wanted to see them on the biggest stage, doing big things.

All three guys were always positioned very well, and the company always had big plans for every single member. Maybe that is why they broke them up during the feud with Evolution as they wanted to get the wheels in motion for the next chapters of their career. To some, their breakup was done at the right time, in the right situation. Others, on the other hand, they believe that The Shield had a big babyface run in front of them.

One of the people that share the same opinion is Seth Rollins himself. He is glad that everything worked out really well with all three of the members, but he did admit that he wanted a longer babyface run with The Shield.

“It was thrust upon us very quickly. I don’t know if that story has been told or not, but we were not prepared so well for the breakup – ‘yeah, you’re going this way, you’re going this way, you’re going that way’ sort of thing. Well no, we weren’t ready for it. We thought we had a big babyface run in us, which is what we just started. We had two months with Evolution, having a couple of six-mans. We were like, ‘alright, let’s go’.”