Seven Classic Magic Tricks and How to Do Them

No matter the age, everybody loves great magic tricks. The best thing about them is that you never get to know how they are done. However, when you find out, you might feel disappointed, because there isn’t much magic in those. Once you discover how magicians perform, you may need a lot of practice to do the same act. Let’s discuss some of the most common magic tricks.

1. Zig Zag Girl

Firstly, the assistant steps into the box. Right away, she turns sideways, and this is essential because once the blades penetrate the box nothing happens to the assistant. In other words, they just go past his/her body. The next step is getting the middle section out of the line. The black lining creates an illusion that the midsection has shifted completely.

2. Levitation

We have to disappoint you, but the person who is in the air is lying on the board supported by a metal rod. The magician’s position is critical to the success of this trick because he stands in a certain way in order to hide the bar.

3. Levitation 2

This is a similar trick, but the magician is positioned on the side. He then uses the hoop to show that nothing is there, but he only goes as much as support allows him.

4. Cutting the body in Two

The trick here is that the person inside the box bends his/her legs. Fake feet are located at the end of the case. Don’t worry, the assistant won’t be hurt.

5. Michael Jackson Dance Move

We saw Michael Jackson do the move when he leans front and we were amazed by that. But how did he do it? The singer was a terrific dancer, indeed, but even him needed help for this kind of trick. He used specially designed shoes which were manufactured to interlock with the nails on the stage floor. This helped him keep his balance.

6. Cut in Half

For this one, you need two assistants. One of them is already in the box and while the other enters and hides his/her legs, the first one puts them out. So the blade cuts through the box, but what you actually see is one-half of two different persons.

7. Floating Man

We usually see them in the streets. They sit on the metal construction attached to the rod. This bar goes to the ground where it is connected to the platform and ideally seemingly covered with clothes.