Shameless Season 8 – This Is What You Need To Know [Spoilers]

The popular comedy drama Shameless is supposed to hit the screens by fall this year in the US. The new season will pick up where the previous one ended, and that is the events after Monica’s funeral, according to the sources.

There are many spoilers that claim that the family is just fine after they lost Monica and that they manage to cope with it. It is also said that Frank uses his late wife’s fortune to get the most of his life whereas as it had been revealed, Monica had $70,000 worth of meth and this money was passed on to the Gallaghers. In the 8 season of Shameless, the fans will get a chance to see the other members of the family and how they handle their windfall.

Monica’s death influenced each of the Gallaghers to go in a different direction, and according to the speculations, they will stay in touch with each other, in one way or another. Needless to say, Frank really cared about Monica and the siblings realized that. Rumor has it that Lip and his life together with Ian’s relationship will Trevor will come into focus.

In the finale of the Season 7, Fiona started her real-estate business, and she bought a building, while she will be seen as an independent woman free from her responsibilities towards her siblings in the new season. Considering that she is free from burdens that have negatively affected her love life, this aspect is going to change.

People also speculate about the existence of the meth bags, and we saw Fiona placing two bags inside Monica’s coffin in the last season. Did Fiona keep other bags somewhere safe? Or did she sell them to fund her new business? It will be interesting to see what happens with Fiona, who has always been careful about her reputation.

Frank, in the meantime, will try to overcome the loss of his wife and he will become the responsible father at last. Not everything is so simple, and he has a path to choose – either he can change for the better, or lead a shameless life with the inheritance. We will see which path he is going to opt for in the sequel. Shameless Season 8 is currently being produced and the filming of the new season will start in May. According to the rumors, the show will continue in late 2017.